EurActiv Awards 2009

I would like to nominate, an independent private media service producing and distributing video news releases, press articles and on-line resources on European cutting-edge scientific research issues and the latest developments in technology and innovation.

Since 2004, they have produced popular science reports and provides license-free TV footage for TV broadcasters, production companies and freelance science journalists.

Major European TV channels have already broadcasted the material, which is also distributed by various on-line services, thus allowing millions of citizens to discover results of publicly funded European research.

Continually developed since its launch as a European funded project, already provides information on health, energy, environment and mobility projects as well as on several societal topics such as women in science, culture and leisure or education and training.

As the products of are easily adaptable to national and local editorial and TV broadcasting needs, it allows TV stations and programs to build their own reportages with their own editing and in their own language, with high localisation potential.

Attacking the highly difficult task of communicating science to the general public, it aims to use TV to pass the message visually in order to reach the widest possible audience.

Through making localisation of communication on research and innovation results possible, contributes to make people think about research, its role in society and comment on the discoveries: What should the priorities be? Are we heading into the right direction? What is acceptable?

More such initiatives are needed, not only to let people know where their tax money is being spent on, but also to spark debate on the societal implications of major discoveries.

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