EurActiv Awards 2009

Christian Marolt

The University Udine in Italy organised a groundbreaking conference in winter 1986/1987: ‘The Universities in the Eastern and Western Dialog’. Several hundred students from all across Europe had the unique opportunity to exchange ideas and standpoints in an open dialog with an exceptional outcome at the peak of the cold war. In the aftermath of this moving event students from different universities decided to take action for a free Europe from Gibraltar to the Ural Mountains.

Under the leadership of the University in Graz, Austria, the idea of an action group was born which lead 1987 to the foundation of the ‘Organisationskomitee Pro Europa – Organising Committee Pro Europe’. The main aim of this committee was and is to support a free and united Europe with the motto: ‘European Politicians performing European politics but only pan-European friends will form friendship and understanding in Europe’.

Since 1986 many events have helped in supporting this great idea. One of the core fundraising functions is the annual ‘Europaball’ in Velden/Wörthersee, Austria. In the beginning proceeds from the ball supported social projects in the former eastern European countries. However, since 2003 the ball supports the Meningitis Trust.

Later on the EMC Consulting Group (EMC) was created to meet the challenges of European healthcare today. Given the fact that citizens require more services on shrinking budgets, healthcare services are challenged as never before. Prevention, today in an infant state in many areas, is another important angle to be reinforced to the health service providers and policy-makers. Early detection saves lives and reduces cost significantly. EMC helps to educate healthcare stakeholders through publications, websites, congresses, events, education and working groups.

EMC, is the one and only European player exclusively dealing with management concerns, specifically addresses these new challenges and offers solutions for running departments, hospitals and healthcare institutions. Based on best practices, the latest management innovations and high-quality care, EMC makes a significant contribution to advance the pan-European and the international healthcare system.

And the man behind it all: mr. Christian Marolt (Brussels, Belgium).

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  1. Having worked with Christian on various projects for 3 years now, I am happy that I can be part of another great initiative that he is currently developing – The IT@Networking Awards 2009 in Brussels ( This is a pioneering event that aims to select outstanding healthcare IT solutions in hospitals and healthcare facilities and bring them to a pan-European stage. I am sure that this event will prove to be one of the most significant platforms for exchange of ideas and groundbreaking healthcare IT solutions, as Christian has the real ability to transform any great idea into reality.

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